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EV Charger Installation | Home & Work Electric Car Charger Installer


At Voltix we have spent a lot of time and training getting to know the electric vehicle chargers on the market.

The choices available on our website we consider the best currently available and each model has a unique selling point and functionality that will make one of them a perfect fit for your needs. The varying installation methods required may also play a part in your final choice of electric vehicle chargepoint.

We're here to help you make your switch to EV easier!


  • Remote site audit - photos and specific requirements using digital communication methods
  • Spare way in fuse box for the new EV charger wiring
  • Installation of charger on a brick or plasterboard wall; or to another suitable permanent structure
  • Clear cable route without obstructions
  • Maximum 5m cable run from fuse box to your electric vehicle charger
  • Drill through accessible single wall (masonry or dry wall)
  • Maximum 2.5m of plastic trunking or PVC conduit to conceal internal wiring
  • Installation of all wiring below 1.8m
  • Standard setup of EV equipment ready for customer to download App and register
  • 3-4 hours on site

Cost £245.00 per Charger


  • Physical site audit
  • 22kW EV charger installed (three phase)
  • Additional fuse box or supply wiring upgrade for the new EV charger
  • Modification to suitable permanent structure before installation of charger (including free-standing chargers)
  • Moving of obstructions, fixed units, flooring or furniture to allow clear cable routing
  • Over 5m cable run from fuse box to your electric vehicle charger
  • Drill through more than one wall (masonry or dry wall)
  • Over 2.5m of plastic trunking or PVC conduit to conceal internal wiring
  • Civil work required - trenching for cable and/or earth electrode (rod) installation
  • Installation of cable above 1.8m. This will require high-level access equipment and 2 people due to to the working at height regulations
  • Setup of more complex EV equipment including software, RFID access, additional CT clamps, Slave-to-Master multiple chargers
  • More than 4 hours on site

Bespoke Quotation


To help you choose the right charger, Voltix will discuss your requirements and recommend a few electric vehicle chargers. 

Factors that steer our recommendations are styling, solar integration, space available, number of electric cars, wall mounted or free-standing, indoor or outdoor.


Once you’ve chosen or narrowed down your choice of charger we’ll email you for specific photos and information so that we can carry out a remote site audit.

Our EV chargepoint installation team will contact you to confirm whether you fall under the standard or custom installation category. Once all this is confirmed, we will book in a date for your installation.

OLEV grant

You may be eligible for the OLEV Homecharge or workplace grant which provide up to £350 discount per EV charger.

If you are claiming for a government grant we will send you an application form that needs to be completed and sent back prior to the installation.


Your EV Chargepoint Installer will confirm with your the charger location and cable routing before commencing the install. Once your chargingpoint installation is complete, you will be given a basic demonstration on how to use your charge point.

All smart EV chargers come with an instruction manual free app that allows you to monitor charge time and stay in control with costs, plus lots of other innovative features.