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electric cars e-golf

VW electric cars

Electric CARS you can love 

From plug-in hybrid GTEs to the pure electric e-Golf and the e-up!, there’s an VW electric vehicle for you to fall head over heels for.

Vw are turning heads with the e-Golf and e-Up, both already popular combustion engine cars.

Save money with every mile

Did you know that recharging an electric vehicle costs much less than filling it up with fuel? Some charge points are free – so you can be driving around your local village or town and paying absolutely nothing! The cost of electricity at charging stations varies depending on where you are and the speed you’re recharging at, however charging at home costs as little as 2p per mile or FREE when charge on solar energy. If you average 20 miles on your daily commute, then this can work out at 40p a day spent on driving!


Powerful, efficient and sustainable, the new e-Golf is everything you’d expect from VW and more. Exceptional handling and acceleration combined with a supremely quiet drive and an impressive range of 144 miles on a full charge.
Why wouldn’t you go electric?


VW have designed the new e-up to take you further than ever before. On a full charge, the e-up has a range of up to 162 miles. That’s more than enough to get you from Reading to Bristol and back. 


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